Transition: It’s Harvest Time

One thing that doesn’t change in real estate is location, location, location. Your location is important. The Book of Ruth talks about different lands and names and what they mean. Would you want to live in a place called Weak as Water? Naomi changed her name to Mara when she became bitter and full of sorrow. Don’t stay in a place of woe is me. Transition into a place of praise, the land of plenty. Trust God. You have His favor like Ruth found favor with Boaz. It will all work out. You will reap an abundant harvest

Teachable Moments: The Seedbed of Dreams

Internalizing your failure kills the seedbed of dreams and visions.  Surround yourself with those who see things in a positive light, who speak truth, and who follow through in helping you transition from failure to success. What are the life-giving characteristics of those you surround yourself with?