Be A World Changer

Be a world changer

Dr. Clarice tells us about the five professors we all have. These professors are in opposition with the Spirit of God. She gives DNA a new meaning. There is a difference between facts and truth. Make sure your fact-checker is accurate. She shows how you have power. You have the authority. We have power over the words we speak. Release things that are alive with the fruit of your lips. You can change the world. That’s what you are, you’re a world changer.

Be Careful How You Hear Things

Be careful how you hear things

Dr. Clarice shares a story about a couple in Louisiana. Find out why the husband thought his wife told him that he ought to choke. Did he hear her right? We all say foolish things. Words are powerful to heal as well as to kill. Is that what was even said? How we hear things and how we respond is important. You’ll learn what to do. Consider a person’s character. Stay out of the judgment and condemnation zone. Satan is the accuser. The enemy cannot create, but he can complicate. There is a difference between facts and truth. Agree with the Word of God. Learn to hear more clearly as you read the whole story.

Did I Hear You Right?

Words are powerful. Did I hear you right?

Be careful how you hear a thing. These stories will make you laugh. Dr. Clarice tells about how she thought her husband asked her to watch a shocking movie. Another funny story is about a man who owned bars and a house of prostitution and the life he lived. Read how salt in a restaurant led to an assault.

Many times, we hear things and we get our feelings hurt. Ask yourself if what you heard lines up with the character of that person. Maybe we didn’t hear it right and misunderstood. One little misunderstanding can turn into an opportunity to pray with someone.