Teachable Moments: Priorities

Priorities should be present in your professional life, as well as your personal life. Having an ability to live a balanced life by keeping your priorities in line with your vision is so important.  Priorities go hand-in-hand with boundaries.  We often discover that priorities will be blown away by every wind if there is no boundary to keep your priorities in place.  Learn to control who and what comes in and out of your life.  This decision will allow for your continual forward movement without the anchors of distractions tying you down. What is one of your greatest priorities, and … Continue Reading


One thing that is essential to being productive in all of life’s activities is the ability to prioritize your day.  It is true that emergencies can and will drastically affect your plan for the day, but many fail to realize that not every emergency is an emergency.  Some “emergencies” are nothing more than distractions that lead to empty destinations.  Every emergency calls for an immediate action, and every one of those immediate actions will affect your plans, and ultimately your productivity. Are you able to separate your emergencies from your distractions?