The Power of Healing: Know What’s Available to You

Have you ever heard of a prayer cloth? Read this story about a healing involving a prayer cloth. In the scriptures, it talks about how handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched the apostle’s body went out and demons were cast out of people. A mom from Hungary wrote me about her little boy with a heart condition. This story will amaze you and touch your heart. My desire is to let you know how to be whole and let gratitude come into your heart. I have so much to tell you about the wonderful miracles, healings, and more that God is doing.

No More Delay: There’s More for You to Do

There is more for you to do. Read the story about Derek. He was dynamic and charismatic. He could sing, he could do anything. Linda’s story will amaze you. I’m talking to those of you that think that because you’re fifty, or sixty, or seventy, or eighty, or ninety years old that life is over. Wake up those gifts and talents that have been sleeping. You are about to reach a whole new group of people.

Investing in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

I have 5 children.  When they were all young and at home, we would get around the table at the end of the day so they could do their homework.  I would think I was going to help them and would say to the immature, “Let me show you how this works.  You’re learning how to do your addition, like 2 apples and 2 apples equals 4 apples.  My daughter would look at me and say, ‘Mom, that’s not the way the teacher says to do it.’”  There was nothing within that familiar relationship of mother and child that she … Continue Reading