Kingdom Keys Open Doors

Kingdom Keys Open Doors

You need to know things and discern what is of God and what isn’t. Reading this message can change your whole life. What is it going to take to make you believe? Dr. Clarice reveals how God’s Word is the key that will open doors for you. You’ll be eating demons for breakfast after you read this story. You have been crucified with Christ. He lives in you. The life you live in this flesh, you are living it by faith in the son of God who loves you and gave Himself for you. You’ve got bloodline blessings. You are the gun and He is the bullet. Invest in some ammunition and get ready to pull the trigger.

Is a Healthy Marriage Possible Nowadays?


Dr. Clarice tells about how she was ready to leave her husband and leave him with all five children. Anger keeps us in a state of pride and hurt. Divorce comes about by little bitty things and rash responses. None of us are perfect. She shows how learning to forgive and learning to love are important decisions. There are times and seasons of reconciliation. Never give up on each other. There is hope. There is a way to let go of the pain and disappointment and restore peace, love, and harmony with God’s help.

A Marriage Made with the Power of Words

A marriage made with the power of words

Discover some wonderful things about marriage that you never knew from Dr. Clarice who has been married to the same man for over 62 years. She tells how she met her movie-star good-looking husband at a dance and what he said to her. You will be intrigued reading this story about unreasonable faith. The power of words played a big role as this story unfolds, starting when Dr. Clarice was 13 years old. Wait until you read what she did with her mother’s bathtub stopper chain. Get ready for some laughs, adventure, and great advice about love and marriage. It’s an eye-opener.