Behold, I Do A New Thing: Time is Our Servant

There was a woman named Jenny Lou who called me out of the blue. No matter how many times she couldn’t get through, she continued to pursue. When she had me on the line, she told me how bad it was in her home. I came up with some peculiar things for her to do. She kept asking if it was scriptural. I told her yes, it’s under, “Behold, I Do A New Thing.” Her faith was that of the woman who touched the garment of God. Don’t limit yourself. Make time to pursue all that God has for you.

Beyond Breakthrough: Who Would Agree with God?

Discover how to go beyond breakthrough. You cannot be ordinary. You need to talk to your body. Get yourself in a position to make a decision.
It’s time to make things happen.

What is the desire of your heart? If you’ve been living a hindering life, it’s your traditions that make the Word of God to no effect. God is limitless. You’ve got a miracle in your mouth.

Read what happens when a man from Africa laid down his jacket in the offering. Healing happens when hearts change. It is the will of God that you prosper.
God has fresh, creative ways for you to gain wealth.

The Harvest of the Limitless

The Harvest of the Limitless

I remember asking God one day to tell me what makes Him happy.  His response to me which changed my life was when He said, “I’ll be delighted to tell you.  I make Me happy.”  That’s why everyone will end up with His thoughts, His words, and His actions.  God is sovereign and sent the pattern Son.  When Jesus ascended on high after defeating hell, death, and the grave, He knew Himself to be the first fruit of many brethren and what the rest of the crop would look like.  He knew they would be limitless.