Kingdom Keys Open Doors

Kingdom Keys Open Doors

You need to know things and discern what is of God and what isn’t. Reading this message can change your whole life. What is it going to take to make you believe? Dr. Clarice reveals how God’s Word is the key that will open doors for you. You’ll be eating demons for breakfast after you read this story. You have been crucified with Christ. He lives in you. The life you live in this flesh, you are living it by faith in the son of God who loves you and gave Himself for you. You’ve got bloodline blessings. You are the gun and He is the bullet. Invest in some ammunition and get ready to pull the trigger.

Make Time to Bathe and Soak in God’s Word

Make Time to Bathe and Soak in God's Word

Dr. Clarice shows you that applying the word of God to everyday life is easier than you think. Her gift of rhyming and rapping got a lady to jump off an ambulance stretcher and recover quickly. You can turn things around when you activate the power of God. Soaking in God’s word is a personal experience, like taking a bath. Set aside time. Approach God like you would your best friend. Invite Him in. What does a cow chewing its cud have to do with meditating on the word of God?

3 Keys to Flourish

We’ve got keys to flourish in the next dimension of God. We’ve got keys to flourish, not to be oppressed, lonely, beat up, and be a victim. The scripture says the more excellent things come in threes. When we let our senses and emotions take over, we are agreeing with lies. Agree with the Word of God. When you have a setback, it’s just a setup for a comeback. The Word of God comes as food to us. It comes as milk, as meat, as bread, and as honey to nourish your body and soul. These keys will unlock revelation. Revelation produces change.