God’s Word is the Key

God's Word is Key

Do you think that you don’t hear God? Think again. Tune it. His sheep hear and know His voice. Beware that demons from hell are waiting for the sons of God to testify against Jesus by the words they speak. All power in heaven and on earth has been given to the believer. You must believe that the word of God works; don’t just hope it does. Dr. Clarice teaches how to activate your belief and why God’s Word is the key.

What Have You Been Waiting For?

What have you been waiting for?

What have you been waiting for? Delay is not denial. Whatever it is, don’t be disappointed. Dr. Clarice shares how you need to set your faith in agreement with the infallible word of God. The spirit of the Lord is moving. You are being healed and delivered. Be encouraged. Discover how to be transformed by the power of God. All who are homeless, brokenhearted, sick, unemployed, and feeling hopeless know that God will make a way. Satan is a defeated foe. God takes away the sins of the world and has defeated hell, death, and the grave. Read how your life is preserved and enriched by the power of God.

Don’t Let Your Vision Expire

Don't Let Your Vision Expire

Dr. Clarice tells about how ordinary people have met an extraordinary God. These testimonies will encourage you. Whatever seems insignificant to you is important to God. See how these people, who went through a hard time, such as sickness, poverty, unemployment, needing a green card, and inheritance being held up, called upon the name of the Lord and He delivered them out of those situations. Whatever your situation is, whatever your circumstance, whatever you’ve been waiting for, trust God (not people). Delay is not denial. Discover how to not let your vision expire. Don’t give up on it. Has the Lord put something in your heart that you really want to do? These stories, letters, and testimonies will assure you there is a way.