Behold, I Do A New Thing: Time is Our Servant

There was a woman named Jenny Lou who called me out of the blue. No matter how many times she couldn’t get through, she continued to pursue. When she had me on the line, she told me how bad it was in her home. I came up with some peculiar things for her to do. She kept asking if it was scriptural. I told her yes, it’s under, “Behold, I Do A New Thing.” Her faith was that of the woman who touched the garment of God. Don’t limit yourself. Make time to pursue all that God has for you.


Lord, I think I’m stuck.  Now what do I do?  How do I get to the next level?  Who is doing, or has done, what I want to do?  Who has been where I see myself going?  All are questions that most of us have probably asked ourselves at one time or another.  If this is where you are now, and these are the questions that you would like answers to, I believe I have some of your answers. Invest in yourself and your dream with the best tools. Get some help. See that “help” and that “best tool” as … Continue Reading