Teachable Moments: The Seedbed of Dreams

Internalizing your failure kills the seedbed of dreams and visions.  Surround yourself with those who see things in a positive light, who speak truth, and who follow through in helping you transition from failure to success. What are the life-giving characteristics of those you surround yourself with?

Teachable Moments: From Failure to Success

Your opinion and how you think about failure can determine how high you will ascend as you climb the ladder of success.  Failure is generally thought of as falling short in some area or being deficient in some way.  A total and complete reversal of our thoughts about failure can transform the attributes of failure into character, integrity, and excellence.  Your thoughts about failure can be reversed to create an atmosphere that is filled with success and distinction. How have you changed the atmosphere in your own life by looking at failure as a teachable moment?