Stops and Starts

Stops and StartsWith every clear and compelling vision that you have, make a plan and develop a strategy that will fit in with it.  If, for instance, your goal is to lose 20 pounds, or take a Bible class, or get a life coach, whatever your goal is, write it down.  It must be compelling to you.  Sometimes we have to get some help with these things.  I recently had to change my diet.  Initially, I found it to be a stop and start, and stop and start pattern.  I found that I needed encouragement along the way and a strategy which meant that I needed a helper in the form of a mentor, coach, trainer, or teacher that would encourage, exhort, edify, build up and hold me accountable.

Once you have made a decision, have a plan written out, and obtained some help with all of this, immediately take action. Do not wait. Keep in mind that a decision is not a conversion; but, until you make a decision, a conversion will not take place.   Proper alignment will determine the success of your assignment.  Align yourself with your dream; the vision.  Commit to it and invest in yourself.  Begin to celebrate where you are going and what you are doing.