Powerful Stories and Prayer

Powerful Stories and Prayer

I’ve got so many wonderful testimonies. 

Here is Theresa’s testimony: 

“I asked for prayer for my uncle who was in ICU. He had a stroke. He could not speak. His carotid artery was 100% blocked on one side. The surgery was 100% unsuccessful. I called you and you sent me prayer and a prayer cloth. I took it into the ICU.

I came into agreement. And two witnesses while touching my uncle in 24 hours they had to completely see what had happened. He was singing praises and songs to the Lord. He was walking. He went home. He could walk, talk, and sing. I told my uncle it was going to be a miracle miraculous recovery so others can see that we house a supernatural God and the power of prayer. 

Here is another story about the power of God:

“My son, Paul, is 6 1/2 years old. Within two years, he collapsed three times in the nursery and more times at home. These collapses continued to increase. He would lose consciousness. The cardiologist said these collapses were because he had a deviant heart rhythm. The doctor’s report said that the next collapse we could definitely lose our son, he could not live, and neither could he take the medicine. When I saw my son collapse, I decided to give him the medicine anyway. This means that he has to take medicine to the end of his life. Please pray for his complete healing.

Dear Dr. Fluitt, 

Yesterday, my son had a medical checkup in Budapest. The best and a more well-known cardiologist said that my son’s heart has been totally healed and they cannot explain it. It is no longer necessary for him to take the medicine. We are so very happy. All the way back home, we were worshiping Jesus for this miracle.

Thank you again for the power of prayer, of teaching us how to pray, of teaching us to pray the Word of God.”

Toby’s Testimonial:

I was in this church in New Jersey. This lady came in from Kenya, a lovely young Christian woman named Toby. She had recently moved to America from Kenya. Toby had two little boys, a two-year-old named Mercy, and a six-week-old named Goodness. Little Goodness was very sick. He had a life-threatening heart defect.

He had recently been released from three weeks in neonatal intensive care at Bethel Israel Medical Center in Newark. Toby had been invited to a ministry meeting where I was speaking. Toby was a stranger in a foreign land with nothing familiar. She had to organize everything that was needed to get two babies, one very sick, to get to the meeting.

It was an incredible act of faith on her part to secure transportation and to overcome the fear of exposing her fragile little Goodness to a public environment, which the doctors had said not to do. When I arrived at the church, Toby and her children were already there. I recognized immediately the necessity to pray. Little Goodness was a beautiful baby boy who was experiencing very erratic breathing.

I visited with Toby and then I anointed Goodness with oil. I laid my hands on his little chest and I cast the devil out. I asked the Lord to give him a new heart. I also secured a red prayer cloth to his clothing and prophesied that he would live and that he would serve the cause of Christ. His breathing became calm, and he went to sleep.

After lunch, Goodness woke up and Toby began to nurse him. Goodness lost his breath struggling for his life. The pastor took the limp baby in her arms, and everyone rallied. We all began to quote scriptures and the promises of God. Goodness took a breath and became calm and settled in his mother’s arms.

The next day she had to take Goodness to the doctor and the doctor sent the baby to the emergency room with the diagnosis of the strong possibility of complete heart failure. Goodness was transferred to the NICU, where he was scheduled for immediate heart surgery at New York University.

Before he could be transferred from New Jersey to New York, he experienced complete heart failure. He stopped breathing. A nurse took him into another room, and he was declared dead. Goodness’s lungs had collapsed. No one bothered to tell his mother Toby that her baby was dead.

Toby asked where he was. Someone gave her the room number. When Toby went into the room, she saw her baby completely lifeless and covered with sheets.

She tore off the sheets, grabbed her baby, and she began calling on the name of Jesus. She said the prophet has spoken the Word that Goodness would live and serve the Lord. She called her son’s name and commanded that he come back to life that a prophet had spoken over him. Goodness immediately revived. 

Later, the surgeon told Toby that the little Goodness was deathly sick. Something miraculous had kept him alive and brought him back from the dead. Toby smiled and said, “Yes, it was Jesus.”

The Muslim doctor smiled and said, “It must have been Jesus”

I’m happy to report Goodness is now a happy, healthy, very active little boy.

These are true stories. Now, let us pray.


The power of God is real. I speak this prayer over you.

Father, I just thank you right now. God, I thank you that the church dominates all history and all future events into the eternity that is to come. We decree that the church is triumphant. It is glorious, it is triumphant. The universe was created for one purpose and that is to generate, nurture, educate, and eternal companion for God’s son. 

We thank you, Lord, that we are the bride indeed. Our name is but we’re not waiting to get married. We have a covenant. All power and all authority have been given. Our purpose today is to release into the atmosphere the revelation of the life stream of restoration truth coming into the church throughout all of history because this is the season of the appearing of the sons of God. 

This is the season that new wine comes into new wineskin. This is a season for things that have never been seen before. This is a season of greatness. The dark night is over, and a new day has broken.

This is the season that the earth shakes and quakes and terrorists run and men are confused. The nations rage because dead men and women are walking. Until an individual is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, they have no power or authority. The church has the power. The church has the authority.

You are the ones that will begin to say in the authority of the name of Jesus. I speak that our nation, our country, our state, our schools, and our churches are filled with the power, the Dunamis, and the glory of God. 

Make a choice to become a voice to understand that a decision is not a conversion.

Until you make a choice, until you make a decision, nothing changes. 

I decree into the atmosphere, that there will be an inspired motivation in the church to become a vital part of the triumphant church. Just not knowing with our heads but possessing in our hearts a zeal that we hear God and that together we have the mind of Christ.

Father, we thank you right now that religious traditions of the mind of man, they cannot stand. Father, there is a jubilee going on. Lord, we decree and prophecy that before your imminent return in a people before you return for people. 

Father, I believe Jesus is coming for Jesus, a companion of like nature and ability, no moaning, no groaning, no crying, no complaining, but walking in authority and dignity and power. I decree that we come in humility. We come in repentance. We come in the unity of believers. 

Father, we come with tenacity and importunity and intensity and confident expectations. Father, we thank you right now that you hear us when we pray. We pray in the authority of the name of Jesus. We are not ordinary but extraordinary so we can bend to serve. 

Lord God, I thank you for each and every person and for their family. I speak divine health upon their bodies. I speak, Lord God, divine wealth and prosperity and wisdom and kindness and gentleness and power and authority and the end to self-hate, low self-esteem, unworthiness, frustration, and limitation.

We decree today that you will never compare yourself to anybody. If God is for you the only thing that can be against you is you. 

Change your mind about you. Whatever needs to be changed in your body, in your soul, and your spirit you have the ability to decide and make the choice, the decision to move as a victorious, triumphant bride.

In Jesus name I pray. 

Much love and blessings,

Dr. Clarice