New Seasons

New SeasonsYears ago, I was very interested in learning how to be a real estate agent.  It seemed to be very complicated.  I had to learn about interest rates, and mortgages; there was so much to learn.   My husband was a real estate agent and broker.  He was going to teach me all I needed to know. That lasted about as long as a snow ball in purgatory because I did not respond to the familiar.  I had to hire someone that I could hear.

Invest in yourself and hear what your teachers are saying to you.  If you are really interested in increasing your knowledge, your opportunities, you will find that avenues of revenue are knocking at your door.  It’s the season, it’s time to explore.  It may be a little rhyme, but it’s just in time.  You have been called to greatness.  You have been created to do things that are wonderful and that will bring increase not only to your life but to other people as you see them.