Learning New Ways

Learning New WaysMany of us have settled and limited ourselves by telling ourselves that this is as far as we can go.  By saying this, we have relegated ourselves to the prison of sickness, financial ruin, and broken heart.  We have to become prisoners of hope.  In the perfect timing of God, the messenger comes and says, “Pharaoh wants to see you.”  Joseph had to learn the ways of the court because he knew the ways of the prison.  In order to go to another realm, another level, he had to forsake some of his Jewish ways.  He was not supposed to cut his beard.  There were things that Jewish men were not supposed to do.  Religion can be a task master.  He knew he was being called up before Pharaoh, and he shaved his beard.  He took on the very look of Egypt, went up to Pharaoh, won favor, and saved the nation and his family.

If we want to go to another level, there are things we are doing in our prisoner mentality and God is calling us higher.  He is not interested in us being a servant.  He wants to do inter-galactic ministries with us.  He wants us to administrate the estate of God.