Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What Is a Certified Personal Transformational Life and Executive Coach?

A Certified Personal Transformational Life and Executive Coach is a strong advocate who helps others reach their potential, fulfill their destiny, and experience a transformed and changed life.

#2 What is the difference between a coach, a mentor, and a counselor?

  • The nature of mentoring is teacher-based.
  • The nature of counseling is prescription-based.
  • The nature of coaching is legacy-based.

#3 What is the focus of coaching versus mentoring or counseling?

  • Mentors draw out of an individual what is within the mentor.
  • Counselors focus on the past to fix the future.
  • Coaching is not about where you are; it is about what is within you, where you are headed, and the legacy you leave behind for others to draw and learn from.

#4 What is the function of a Transformational Coach?

The job of a Transformational Life Coach is to walk individuals through their daily lives, draw out of them the stumbling blocks and obstacles that keep them from reaching their destiny, and replace those stumbling blocks and obstacles with the reality of who we know those individuals to be and what we see as their potential.

#5 What is at the core of a Transformational Life Coach?

  • We believe in the individual’s ability to steward his or her own life regardless of the outward appearances or inward reservations.
  • We believe that every individual has an innate ability, something that already exists within them, to transition from where they are to where they see themselves.

#6 What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Certified Transformational Life Coach?

  • Many “Life Coaches” are self-proclaimed and have an obscure definition of what constitutes a life coach.
  • A Certified Transformational Life Coach is one who has had extensive training in coaching techniques, plans, programs, processes, models, and paradigms and is able to implement and apply those models to every individual case.
  • A Certified Transformational Life Coach has had training beyond credentialing.

#7 What are the elements of a Certified Transformational Life Coach?

  • A Certified Transformational Life Coach is a change expert.
  • They understand how change works, and how the change process can be accelerated in the lives of those they coach.
  • They are bridges to destinies.
  • They take the “long view” and realize it in the shortest amount of time.

#8 Why do people come to coaches?

The reason people come to coaches is because it is our desire to help them:

  • Make major changes.
  • Make life-forming changes.
  • Make sustainable changes.
  • Make changes they have always wanted to make but have not been able to and, apart from the assistance of a coach, are about to give up on.