Embracing Change

Embracing ChangeToday, I’d like to give you words of encouragement.  Regardless of the situation that you are confronted with, you can win.  I have heard it said that there are overcomers in this world.  I found out that you have to overcome, before you come over to another expression of love, life, faith, joy, and peace.  The circumstances are an invitation saying you cannot stay where you are and think you are embracing change.  I want to talk to you about increasing your attitude toward embracing change.

Many times we want to rearrange things instead of turn the familiar loose.  I love the Scripture that says He takes away the old to establish the new.  I know that refers to the Old Testament and the New Testament; but, I also know that walking in a life of faith requires you at some point to say, “I understand that I have to turn loose of familiar things before there can be fresh increase in what I am designed to be a part of.”

Opportunities are all around in the areas of finances, relationships, attitudes, health, well-being encouraging you to come to the place of recognizing your own potential.  I believe there are those of you reading this today that may be thinking you need to take a course on new beginnings. You need to clean out your mental closet.  I have found that you can make all kinds of decisions but that does not mean anything actually transpired from the thought.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you got your closet cleaned out just because you made a decision.

I want to encourage you to write down the steps you are going to take once you have made a decision to move in a positive forward direction.   If you decide to lose weight, take a new class, sign up for life coaching, whenever you make that decision, make a positive move in that direction so you can begin to disconnect from the things that have been familiar.  Do not try to do something new by embracing the old way that you used to do it.

I have 5 children.  When they were all young and at home, we would get around the table at the end of the day so they could do their homework.  I would think I was going to help them and would say to the immature, “Let me show you how this works.  You’re learning how to do your addition. like 2 apples and 2 apples equals 4 apples.  My daughter would look at me and say, “”Mom, that’s not the way the teacher says to do it.””  There was nothing within that familiar relationship of mother and child that she wanted to learn something new from.

You will find that most immature people do this; so, you may need to get a new life coach.  You may need to find someone that can help you embrace truth and bring increase of knowledge, comprehension, understanding, and opportunities.  If you want to do new things, I encourage you to invest in yourself.

Years ago, I was very interested in learning how to be a real estate agent.  It seemed to be very complicated.  I had to learn about interest rates, and mortgages; there was so much to learn.   My husband was a real estate agent and broker.  He was going to teach me all I needed to know. That lasted about as long as a snow ball in purgatory because I did not respond to the familiar.  I had to hire someone that I could hear.

Invest in yourself and hear what your teachers are saying to you.  If you are really interested in increasing your knowledge, your opportunities, you will find that avenues of revenue are knocking at your door.  It’s the season, it’s time to explore.  It may be a little rhyme, but it’s just in time.  You have been called to greatness.  You have been created to do things that are wonderful and that will bring increase not only to your life but to other people as you see them.

I did become a real estate agent, and I became one of the top sales people.  I helped people get in good houses.  My husband said I sell the sizzle, and he sells the steak.  That meant I would go out and show the properties, but he had to do all the paperwork.

Find people you are going to partner with.  You may not be able to do it all, but the things that you can do, do to the best of your ability, and build a team.  That will bring increase to your life.