Coaching Agreement Form


I will diligently complete the action steps we agree on and will be punctual for our meetings so we can make the most of our time together. I will consistently take the initiative with you in this process. I am responsible for my life, and I will make and follow through with my choices about what actions to take and what we will work on together.

I will be a trustworthy client, honest and open with you, and handle what you share with me with respect and discretion.


I am excited about coaching you in this area. I will be punctual and well-prepared so we can make the most of our time together. I will be a trustworthy coach, honest and open with you, and handle what you share with me with respect and discretion. I am committed to believing in you, supporting you in your goals, and helping you discover some of the steps toward your destiny.

Terms and Conditions of our Agreement

Meeting Frequency: We will meet once a week.

Commitment: We are committing to work together in the coaching process for a period of 4 forty-five minute sessions.

Review: We will take time on a periodic basis to review how the coaching process is going and make any needed adjustments.

Action Steps: As a client, I will e-mail a completed Prep Form to you, my coach, within 48 hours prior to our coaching appointment. As a client, if my action steps have not been completed for a coaching appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.

Schedule: We will respect each other’s schedules by making every effort to hold rescheduling and cancellations to a minimum.

Please review the terms and conditions we have agreed to:
Four (4) forty-five minute sessions for a total payment of $1,800.00.

I understand that fees are not tax deductible, non-transferrable and that there will be no refunds if for any reason I elect to cancel my coaching sessions.

I understand that it is my responsibility to call my coach at the designated date and time.

I understand that, should I miss a scheduled call without having notified my coach three days in advance, I will be charged for the missed session.

I understand that, should it be necessary for my coach to change our schedule, my coach will provide me with the same courtesy of a three day advance notice.

I understand that I am fully responsible for the success of my coaching experience and that there are no guarantees as to the expected outcome. I understand that my coach has set aside specific time for my coaching and that, if I choose to discontinue our coaching sessions at any time, there will be no refund and I will be responsible to pay the full amount.

I understand that payment is required in full either in advance or within 2 weeks from the beginning of our coaching sessions.

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