A Flood of Restoration

God is a God of restoration. My husband and I both had an incredible experience of learning to know God and to hear his voice in another dimension. We realized that he is a God who restores, and when he restores, he makes it better than it was before.

God put that revelation in our hearts that to know him was better than anything in this world. God loves to bless us.

The next thing you know we got a call saying they found my husband’s briefcase. He didn’t have a briefcase. It turned out to be a lawyer that was investigating the one thing we couldn’t give away when we moved; forty acres of flood property that was on the river, which was worth a great deal of money. God reestablished us and brought us back to the very house that we gave away.

God causes you to triumph despite the harsh times you’ve been through. I pray my stories, testimonials, and the pouring out of my soul to your soul causes you to look at your circumstances. Make a choice now that you will not find fault with God.

Decree that all of your children are disciples taught of the Lord. Give thanks to God, who always causes you to win.

Stand steady. In fifty years of ministry, I found God will never let you down. He will take you into incredible depths and bring you to amazing heights.

As it says in the Song of Solomon, “My beloved is fair and ruddy. He’s fire and ice.” God will do things in your life, because he knows what kind of faith he has put in you. All things have to be tried and tested.

We are created for God’s pleasure. God finds pleasure in equipping us to stand in a place of honor, a place of authority, and a place of power.

Give up your frustrations today. Choose to get rid of that stuff. When you magnify how bad and sad you feel, the more you talk about it, it gets bigger like tripe. You get more of what you focus on. When you focus on what’s going wrong, more will go wrong. Turn the magnifying glass on what’s going right and on all your blessings.

I pray over you right now:  I release you in the spirit, in the authority of the power of the Living God. I loose upon you the ability to embrace truth and to displace those agonies of defeat. In the name of the Messiah, In the name of the Lord God Almighty, we do speak power, authority, and love.

Jesus said, “This is a new commandment that I give to you, to love your neighbor as you love yourself.” The secret in “love your neighbor as you love yourself” is you’re going to have to love yourself before you can really love your neighbor. See yourself through God’s eyes.

Forgive yourself. Speak it out loud and say, “I forgive myself for all of the negative things.” Choose to love yourself. Begin to see yourself in a different light.

Declare this, “I’m not some poor banished child of Eve that doesn’t know anything. I am trusting in the word; the infallible, inerrant and awesome Word of God.”

I want to encourage you to make your decision to come to a place and say, “Come into my heart, oh Messiah of the Living God. Oh, the Christ of God, come into my heart that I may know you.”

That was my prayer that I could know him. I called out unto the Lord and said, “Oh I just want to marry Jesus! I want to be Mrs. Jesus Christ.” Doesn’t that sound absolutely ridiculous?

Do you know that is your calling? That’s your election if you choose to agree with

God. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to unveil and bring the revelation of the goodness of God to you. Deciding to do life with God instead of without him will make all the difference. Just ask him for yourself.

Take this word and make it yours. We are people making choices; not to decide is a decision. Make a decision today, and say, “I refuse to be oppressed, I refuse to be negative, and I refuse to be defeated for there is more to me than what you see.”

You made a great decision. Love and blessings to you.